Judicial Committee (Current and Former Judges)

This Committee is comprised of Members who are sitting and former Judges and has a complement of over 60 Members from 25 of the International Insolvency Institute’s (III) countries around the world. The Judicial Committee was formed in 2008 and made its inaugural presentation at the Berlin Conference in June, 2008.  Since then, it has made presentations on each of the III’s Annual Conferences.

The purposes of the Judicial Committee are:

  1. to encourage and facilitate the exchange of information, experience and views between judges of different national jurisdictions, so as to further the aims both of appropriate cooperation and coordination between courts of different countries in cross-border insolvency cases and of better informing judges about the insolvency systems of countries other than their own;
  2. to inform so far as appropriate the membership of III, in particular by presentations at III conferences, of the approach, experience and views of judges and courts in relation to the conduct of insolvency cases and to issues of insolvency law and practice;
  3. to comment, so far as appropriate, on III initiatives that have relevance to or effect on judicial cooperation and co-ordination in the administration of cross-border insolvency cases;
  4. to promote discussion and understanding of the role of courts and judges in insolvency cases, particularly cross-border cases, including by means of (but not limited to) publications, research projects, lectures and seminars; provided that the Committee shall not do anything which might compromise in any way the independence or standing of any member of the Committee as a judge or former judge in his or her own national jurisdiction.