Membership Information

Membership in the Institute is restricted to senior and experienced insolvency practitioners or judges with interest and experience in the insolvency area, senior representatives of financial institutions, senior academics, senior insolvency regulators and administrators and others with interest and substantial experience in the field of insolvency.

Prospective members must be nominated by current members of the Insitute to be considered for admission.

Since June 2020, the Institute is honored to welcome the following new members:

Mark Arnold
South Square Barristers
London, UK

Justice Anna Elizabeth de Vos
District Court of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hugh Dickson
Grant Thornton
Cayman Islands

Mark Goodman
Cayman Islands

Gregory Grossman
Sequor Law
Florida, USA

Chief Justice Narinder Hargun
Supreme Court of Bermuda
Hamilton, Bermuda

Caroline Moran
Maples Group
Cayman Islands

Mike Morrison
KPMG Bermuda

Greg N. Prince
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Ontario, Canada

Phil Reynolds
Deloitte Restructuring Inc.
Ontario, Canada

Alejandro Sainz-Orantes
Cervantes Sainz, S.C.
Mexico City, Mexico

Anup Sathy
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Illinios, USA

Jorge Sepulveda Garcia
Bufete Garcia Jimeno
Mexico City, Mexico

Michael Veder
Radboud University/RESOR NV
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

For members seeking to nominate a prospective member, please click here to access the membership nomination form.