III: Insolvency Protocols

The resources below were provided by an III supported project compiled by Prof. Bob Wessels and  Ilya Kokorin.

2020 Latam protocol, USA(NY), Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia
2019 Payless Holdings protocol, Canada(Ontario)-USA(Missouri)
2019 Jet Airways protocol, India, Netherlands
2018 Aralez protocol, Canada(Ontario)-USA(NY)
2018 SRB and Bank of Albania Cooperation Arrangement
2016 Urbancorp Group protocol, Canada(Ontario)-Israel
2013 Montreal, Maine & Atlantic protocol, USA(Maine)-Canada(Quebec)
2012 Trident Microsystems protocol, USA(Delaware)-Cayman Islands
2011 Graceway Canada protocol, Canada(Ontario)-USA(Delaware)
2009 TLC Vision Corporation protocol, Canada(Ontario)-USA(Delaware)
2009 Smurfit-Stone Container protocol, USA(Delaware)-Canada(Ontario)
2009 SemCanada Crude protocol, Canada(Alberta)-USA(Delaware)
2009 Nortel protocol, Canada(Ontario)-USA(Delaware)
2009 Nortel Interim Funding and Settlement Agreement
2009 Masonite protocol, Canada(ONtario)-USA(Delaware)
2009 Madoff protocol, USA(NY)-UK
2009 Lehman Brothers protocol, USA(NY), Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, etc.
2009 Eddie Bauer protocol, Canada(Ontario)-USA(Delaware)
2009 Barzel Industries protocol, Canada(Ontario)-USA)Delaware)
2009 AbitibiBowater, Canada(Quebec)-USA(Delaware)
2008 Quebecor protocol, Canada(Quebec)-USA(NY)
2008 Progressive Moulded protocol, Canada(Ontario)-USA(Delaware)
2007 Pope & Talbot protocol, Canada(British Columbia)-USA(Delaware)
2007 Calpine protocol, Canada(Alberta)-USA(NY)
2006 Sendo protocol, France-UK
2006 Refco protocol, Bermuda-USA(New York)
2003 Systech, Canada(Ontario)-USA(North Carolina)
2003 Mosaic protocol, Canada(Ontario)-USA(Texas)
2001 PSINet, Canada(Ontario)-USA(NY)
2001 Pioneer protocol, Canada(Quebec)-USA(Texas)
2001 Matlack, Canada(Ontario)-USA(Delaware)
2001 Laidlaw protocol, Canada(Ontario)-USA(NY)
2001 Financial Asset Management protocol, Canada(British Columbia)-USA(California)
2001 Federal-Mogul protocol, USA(Delaware)-UK
2001 360Networks protocol, Canada(British Columbia)-USA(NY)
2000 AgriBioTech protocol, Canada(Ontario)-USA(Nevada)
1999 Philip Services protocol, USA(Delaware)-Canada(Ontario)
1999 Loewen protocol, USA(Delaware)-Canada(Ontario)
1999 Livent protocol, USA(NY)-Canada(Ontario)
1999 InverWorld, USA(Texas)-Cayman Island
1998 Solv-Ex protocol, Canada(Alberta)-USA(New Mexico)
1998 AIOC protocol, USA(NY)-Switzerland(Zug)
1996 Nakash protocol, USA(NY)-Israel
1995 Everfresh protocol, USA(NY)-Canada(Ontario)
1994 Commodore protocol, USA(NY)-Bahamas
1993 Olympia & York protocol, Canada (Ontario)-USA(NY)
1991 Maxwell protocol, USA (NY)-UK