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José Carles is a multilingual lawyer, chartered economist and insolvency receiver admitted to practice in Spain. Co-founder of the Spanish legal boutique CARLES | CUESTA Abogados, where he is Co-Managing Partner and Head of the area of Business Recovery, Restructuring and Insolvency. Prior to CARLES | CUESTA, he worked at Garrigues Restructuring and Insolvency team (Madrid) and as an investment banker at UBS Investment Bank (London).

He is co-chair of INSOL Europe’s Insolvency Tech & Digital Assets wing and co-editor of INSOL Europe’s insolvency journal Eurofenix.

José is a Fellow of INSOL and completed the Global Insolvency Practice Course of INSOL International in 2019/2021 with honours. Master in Company Law from Centro de Estudios Garrigues and Harvard Law School, BA in Law (ICADE, Madrid) and BSc in Business Administration (ICADE, Madrid and ESSEC Business School, Paris).

He is also the director of Madrid’s Bar association (ICAM) Restructuring & Insolvency master program (Master en Reestructuraciones Empresariales), in which he also lectures, and is one of the six members of the advisory committee to the insolvency wing of Madrid’s Bar Association. Since 2013, José has been a professor in restructuring and insolvency law at ICADE’s LLM program, Universidad CEU San Pablo, Centro de Estudios Financieros or Universidad Villanueva and has been regularly invited as a speaker by international institutions other universities worldwide. He has written over 40 publications on Restructuring & Insolvency Law.

José is among the founding members of the Spanish Club of Insolvency Law (CEDI) and is an active member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, INSOL International, INSOL Europe or the International Insolvency Institute (NextGen).

Multilingual, José speaks Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Catalan and Hebrew.

Honors and Awards

INSOL International. INSOL's Future 40 (INSOL's Young Practitioner Spotlight) 2022

Global Restructuring Review (GRR) 40 under 40 2022

Who's Who Legal (WWL) Restructuring & Insolvency 2022. Global Leader. Recommended

INSOL International. INSOL Fellow after graduating from the Global Insolvency Practice Course 2019/2021 with honours

Who's Who Legal (WWL) Commercial Litigation 2021. Global Leader. Recommended

Who's Who Legal (WWL) Iberia 2021. National Leader. Recommended under the categories of Litigation and Restructuring & Insolvency

Who's Who Legal (WWL) Restructuring & Insolvency 2021. Global Leader. Recommended

International Insolvency Institute. NextGen Leadership Program. Class IX 2020 (New York).

Global Restructuring Review. Names to Know in Spain 2020

Who's Who Legal (WWL) Litigation 2020. Global Leader. Recommended

American Bankruptcy Institute. ABI 40 under 40 (class of 2019). Emerging Leader in Insolvency Practice

International Lectures

Justice Programme of the European Union / European Lawyers Foundation (Bilbao, Spain). "Rights, obligations, liability and communication" within the Training of Lawyers on EU Instruments on Insolvency Law. 07/10/2022

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