Dr Eugenio  Vaccari  pictureDr Eugenio Vaccari

Lecturer in Law

Royal Holloway and Bedford Colleges, University of London
Surrey, United Kingdom


Eugenio is a lecturer at Royal Holloway and Bedford Colleges, University of London (UK). He obtained his LL.B. from the University of Modena (Italy), a PG Cert. from the University of Bologna (Italy), his LL.M. from the LSE and his PhD at City, University of London. He also worked at the University of Essex as a lecturer in company and insolvency law.

Eugenio is a qualified Italian lawyer specialized in corporate insolvency and bankruptcy law. He is an active member of several leading institutions in the field, including the International Insolvency Institute (III - NextGen), INSOL International, INSOL Europe and the Insolvency Lawyers’ Association (UK). He is chair of INSOL ERA (Early Researcher Academics) and a member of the board of YANIL. Eugenio is co-editor of the INSOL Europe Academic Forum (IEAF) Conference Proceedings, member of the editorial board of INSOL i-Read, and he is a peer-reviewer for some leading academic research journals.

Eugenio’s main areas of interest are the theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of corporate insolvency law and abusive practices in insolvency, particularly in relation to the use of ipso facto clauses and the treatment of local public entities in distress. Eugenio has also co-ordinated some funded projects on student debts and discrimination in access to bankruptcy procedures by members of ethnic minority and LGBTQ+ communities at the local Legal Advice Centre.

Eugenio co-authored with Dr. Emilie Ghio the book English Corporate Insolvency Law: A Primer (Edward Elgar 2022) and co-edited with Prof. Jason Chuah the book Executory Contracts in Insolvency Law: A Global Guide (Edward Elgar 2019, 2nd edition in 2022). He also co-edited with the other members of the INSOL ERA board a collection of papers from early researchers, and he co-edited with Prof. Laura N Coordes and Dr Yseult Marique a global report on the treatment of local public entities in distress, to which he contributed with two chapters. This report is available in the INSOL International Technical Library and was published in 2022.


ipso facto clauses
local entities in distress
vulnerable stakeholders
moral bankruptcy