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Bankruptcy’s Universal Pragmatist: A Celebration of the Work of Jay Lawrence Westbrook

University of Texas, Austin
February 2-3, 2018

The Texas Law Review will be hosting a Symposium honoring Professor Jay L. Westbrook, a once-in-a-lifetime event that will pay overdue homage to one of the most distinguished living bankruptcy scholars in the United States. In the subfield of cross-border insolvency, Professor Westbrook is probably the world’s leading expert. The Symposium’s contributors, a diverse group of preeminent scholars from across the country and world, will present original scholarship that builds upon Professor Westbrook’s research and engages with the central questions in debtor-creditor law today. The Symposium will focus on four areas in which Professor Westbrook reshaped the field: consumer bankruptcy in the U.S., comparative consumer bankruptcy, U.S. business bankruptcy, and international insolvency. It will feature a half day on consumer bankruptcy and a full day on business bankruptcy, concluding with a roundtable of distinguished lawyers that will lead a conversation from the floor of the symposium’s international topics.

Click here to view the program agenda.

Co-sponsored with Texas Law Review Association. Please visit for more information.

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