Insolvency Institute

2005 III PRIZE In International Insolvency Studies

Everyone will appreciate the exceptionally high quality of this year’s award-winning papers.  The quality research and analysis is outstanding and each of the Prize winners has been invited to become involved in supporting an Institute project or initiative that is of interest to them.

All Members can be very pleased with the very significant contribution that the III’s Prize in International Insolvency Research has made to analysis and research in the international insolvency area.
Awarded to John A.E. Pottow (Ann Arbor, USA) for his excellent study entitled: Greed and Pride in International Bankruptcy: The Problem and Proposed Solutions to "Local Interests"
Awarded to Christopher Eng Chee Yang (Singapore) for his thorough and analytical work: Cross-Border Insolvency Issues in Singapore: Should Singapore Adopt the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency?

Awarded to Irit Ronen-Mevorach (London, England) for her major study on issues involving the insolvency of corporate groups entitled: The Road to Suitable and Comprehensive Global Approach to Insolvencies within Multinational Corporate Groups

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