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2006 III PRIZE In International Insolvency Studies

The Institute’s competition for its 2006 Prize in International Insolvency Studies produced exceptionally valuable entries from around the world.

We appreciate the work of the Committee on the III Prize in Insolvency Studies which is co-chaired by Professor Bob Wessels of the University of Leiden Law School and Professor Jay L. Westbrook of the University of Texas at Austin for its work in connection with the 2006 Prize.  We also acknowledge with sincere appreciation the work of the Jury of distinguished III Members who assessed and evaluated all of the entries received in the Prize competition.  The members of the Jury (in addition to Bob Wessels and Jay Westbrook) are:

Dr. Adolph Rouillon
The World Bank
Washington D.C.

Dr. Shinjiro Takagi
Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan, Tokyo  

Professor Christoph Paulus
Humboldt University

Berlin  Hon. Samuel L. Bufford
United States Bankruptcy Court
Los Angeles

The 2006 Prize competition produced papers of outstanding quality.  The Prize jury declared a tie for the Gold Medal Prize as a result of which the Gold Metal Prize for 2006 was shared by Jennifer Stam (Canada) and Annika Wolf (Germany).  The Bronze Medal was awarded to Lakshmi Ravindram of India.  All III Members can be pleased with the very significant contribution that the III Prize in International Insolvency Studies has made to analysis and research in the international insolvency area.

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