Insolvency Institute

2010 III PRIZE in International Insolvency Studies

Gold Medalists in 2010 III Prize In International Insolvency Studies Announced May 3, 2010

The 2010 Prize Winners are:

2010 GOLD MEDALS (tie)
Awarded to Mohamed Faizal
"Doing Away with the Emperor's New Clothes: Dispelling the Myth of the Good Faith Filing Requirement under Chapter 11 & Its International Implications."
Awarded to Jonathan Weiss
New Rochelle, NY
"Tax Claims in Transnational Insolvencies: A 'Revenue Rule' Approach."
 2010 BRONZE MEDALS (tie)  
Awarded to Benhajj Shaaban Masoud, Nottingham Law School
United Kingdom
"Theoretical Aspects of the Cross-Border Insolvency Landscape: Issues and Perspectives for Sub-Sahara Africa."
Awarded to Georg Friedrich Schlaefer
Wiesbaden, Germany
"Forum Shopping under the Regime of the European Insolvency Regulation"

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