Luiz Claudio Galeazzi  picture Luiz Claudio Galeazzi


Galeazzi & Associados


Luiz is CEO of Galeazzi Associates and has over 25 years of project leadership experience in high-value management consulting (performance improvement / restructuring / crisis management / distress situations / mediation) where he lead restructuring projects in several companies in Brazil and abroad. Participated in restructuring and performance improvement projects in different industries such as: medical care, dairy, automotive, insurance, retail, agro-business, construction, financial institutions, telecommunications, guns, shoes, amongst others.
Luiz has also lead projects of chapter 11, 15 and 7 procedures covered by the new and old Brazilian bankruptcy laws. Luiz has experience in Mediation.
Prior to joining G&A Luiz served as CEO of Agro Business Company, IT and Factoring. Luiz has also served as Board member in financial institutions, Med Care Industry. Luiz is actually a board member of TMA Brasil, Graded School. Luiz was counselor to the Secretary of Agriculture of Sao Paulo State. Luiz holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) in Sao Paulo and had a mediator training at Harvard Law.